It Only Hurts If You Look At It

The Disasters of War, 28 x 28cm, mixed media, 2021

Sometimes examining our own pasts can be the most difficult thing we do. If we’re to do it honestly we have to give equal weight to the things that make us different and to the things that make us the same. Familiy, social circumstances, history unfolding around us all forge an identity but it isn’t always clear if 2 + 2 + 2 totals up to 6 or if the sum of the parts succumbs to a different arithmetic entirely.

In these new mixed media works I’m trying to build a language with which I can look at my own past and that past that I share with my near contemporaries. The lead and wax are carried across from the Silenced Bells and I’ve used the metal grid as a mnemonic for home or a sense of place in Green Green Grass of Home but by combining other collaged elements I’m hoping I can build an intuitive sense of narrative into these new works. They are meant to be read literally but hopefully the resonances are there for others to tune into.

It Only Hurts If You Look At It, 43 x 43cm, mixed media, 2021

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